The internet has become a integral part of today's business environment. These include organizations large and small, in all types of businesses, both for profit as well as non-profit.

As more and more people get connected at their workplace, and in their homes, staying informed is just part of life in the millenium. Information is power, but staying informed has it's price. With all good things, there is always the bad element. Safeguarding against malicious acts is imperative for anyone.

Malicious acts could include Viral software that replicates itself, using the internet as the passing medium, among other means. Viral software has various degrees of lethal payloads. Every system connected to any other system, be it a local area network or a network connected to other networks, such as the internet, must be protected. It is paramount that all systems run some sort of anti-viral software that is self updating.

Another form of malicious act is far more dangerous and much harder to detect. This is the network hacker, who looks for vulnerable systems on the internet, and exploits them.

Results of such acts may be the loss of sensitive information and possibly competitive information, and may also include loss of system availability. This is directly related to loss of productivity, affecting the all important bottom line.

The network firewall must be secure, and free from exploitable deficiencies. Introducing our STACKFIT® firewall, featuring STAteful paCKet FIlTering® technology, built around a hardened kernel. This product sits between the Local Area Network or corporate Wide Area Network, and is the single connecting point to the outside world, i.e. internet.

STACKFIT® analyses all packets traversing the firewall and determines its purpose and function. All undesirable packets are discarded in a stealthy manner, thus leaving the hacker believing that there was nothing to look at, thus moving on. The action of the hacker is logged together with the hacker's IP address.

This can be taken another step further, to block out undesirable corporate traffic, such as Napster, ICQ and others that is customized for the individual needs. Due to our flexibility, we will work with our clients to tailor STACKFIT® to suit. Other capabilities include the ability to allow Voice Over IP, including NetMeeting to traverse our firewall.

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